Technological services

It is undoubtedly one of the sections that most require the continuous renewal of technology, and in which we give a lot of importance to the link between design and manufacture to reduce costs in cutting, bending, machining order to make our customers more competitive.

2D and 3D industrial design

In Reiser3 we attach great importance to design. Currently the reliability of a project has a name and it is “3D”, given that the same project can be designed in many ways but not all of them are equally good. That is why we think that who designs should have good knowledge of the methods of manufacture in order to make projects that are reliable, functional, and easy to mechanize and assemble. Achieving thus a result of excellent quality-price ratio, because in mechanics the most complicated is not always the most functional. For this reason we have a human team with experience and knowledge enough to carry out any industrial project, with first-class 3D design software.

Metallurgical sector services

Because it is a sector that we know very well and our more than 30 years of experience guarantee us. That is why we want to share our modest knowledge with who can be helped with machine tool equipment, standard or special tools, CAD-CAM programming, manufacture of tools, reverse engineering and machining processes optimization.

Machine tool equipment

Special equipment conditions for new machine additions. We want to provide solutions to your challenges that is why we offer custom made projects so you can be more productive in the shortest possible time.

Machining process optimization

We are in constant progress of technological advance in both tools and machining methods; machining workshops also have to move in this direction, so from Reiser3 we inform our customers of new machining technologies to optimize time, reliability and quality.

Design and manufacture of special tools

And why don't reduce a process of several operations in only one with the manufacture of a special tool? From Reiser3 we take care of design, budget, manufacturing and tuning.

CAD-CAM Programming

In Reiser3 we offer the possibility of making parts with machining that require complex programming whether 2D, 3D or 4 Continuous Axes and that it is necessary to do with a CAD-CAM program to ensure reliability, quality and the minimization of programming and mechanization times; without having to make the investment of software and qualified human equipment to carry out this work. Even so, if you want to acquire CAD-CAM software, from Reiser3 we advise you with our 10-years’ experience in programming, so you can have what best suits your needs.

Design, advice and manufacture of hydraulic equipment

We advise you on hydraulic installations and possible solutions to breakdowns giving cheaper alternatives or with shorter delivery times. We can make the design of new facilities and their manufacture, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Engineering services

In front of a great project there is always a great work of engineering, that is why we work with specialized engineers in each sector: electronic, mechanical, industrial,…and thus be able to give the most appropriate solutions to each project, whether new or improvement.