Machining and industrial metal sheet

It was never so easy to express your idea.

In Reiser3, the customer decides where we begin and finish the work: we are able to manufacture a piece from a handmade sketch going through all the manufacturing processes, 3D design, manufacturing plan, cutting, bending, machining,…inside this process the customer is the one who chooses where we begin and where we finish according to their needs.

CNC Machining

Suppliers with cutting-edge machines to meet your needs in terms of quality and price, because in a sector where technology is moving so fast we need to have suppliers that keep up with the demands of the market.


Precision and quality in finishes is what best defines this technology, both in penetration and wire cutting, for those pieces that have a difficult or even impossible machining and most probably with this technology you will find the solution.

Laser cutting, oxy-fuel welding and bending

Sheet metal transformation has become an essential process in our daily lives and given its continuous technological progress allows us to make really complicated pieces with only laser cutting and bending. On the other hand, we can’t leave behind other processes like Oxy-fuel welding for thicker pieces or ones or that do not require high accuracy.