Reiser3 is a company dedicated to the commercialization of industrial spare parts and technological services for companies and professionals. In order to make available to our customers all the technology we have, a human team with an experience of more than 30 years in the industrial sector, a group of collaborating companies with which we can provide solutions together to almost all the industrial sectors, either technical office services (2D and 3D industrial design, programming, machine tools...), mechanization, welding, laser cutting, hydraulics, pneumatics,.... the whole range of possibilities to be able to provide solutions from start to finish, freeing our customers from having to coordinate several suppliers to carry out a project: we will take care of everything.

Reiser3, is also an industrial supply, in the areas of hardware stores, cutting tools, lubricants, drills, hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity,...

Reiserpack, is a registered trademark of Reiser3 that was born from the incorporation of the Clippack brand to manufacture and market its own line of machines for the food industry that offers a wide range of clippers and traysealers.





Hardware store

Gears and bearings

Oils and greases

Hydraulic and pneumatic

Cutting tools

Motors and reducers (sale and repair)

Machining and industrial metal sheet

CNC machining


Laser cutting, oxy-fuel welding and bending





2D and 3D industrial design

Machine tool equipment

Design and advice of hydraulic equipment

Engineering services

With all this, the objective of Reiser3 is to make our customers more competitive in a sector that technologically advances very fast.